Is there a Tree Stump that you've been wanting to remove? Williams Tree Pro can take care of any tree Stumps, big or small!

Williams Tree Pro provide tree removal and stump grinding services for tree stumps of any size. We specialise in both Large Machine and Narrow Access stump removal. We can remove tree stumps after cutting down a tree, or pre-existing tree stumps that are taking up valuable space in your yard. Stumps, as well as roots can be removed, down to 300mm, so a new plant can be potted in the tree location.

Williams Tree Pro is equipped with Stump Humper Stump Grinders, a RG50 Stump Grinder and a Vermeer Stump Grinder perfect for these tasks. These stump grinders feature high-speed discs that grind the stump, roots and all, into small chips for disposal.