Why hire a qualified arborist

When choosing contractors to look after your property it’s a mistake to simply include tree services under gardening. Would you allow a GP perform heart surgery on you or would you see a Cardiologist? 
Trees are a lot more complex than most people know and they require expert care. Caring for a tree on your property is about more than trimming branches, raking up leaves and making piles of wood. If you want your trees to be strong, healthy and attractive it’s essential that you speak to a qualified Arborist.
What is a qualified Arborist?
A qualified Arborist is someone who specialises in trees. They are dedicated professionals with certification gained from experience and minimum of 2 years TAFE studies in the arboriculture field. Even if it’s just for pruning, make sure that they have achieved a minimum Level 3 qualification. Certified arborists understand the long-term health of trees and they can investigate how well trees are doing from roots to leaves. 
If there’s a tree on your property, a certified arborist can make sure that it’s kept in good health. Incorrect tree removal can cause structural damage above and below ground and be hazardous to people in the area.
Williams Tree Pro Services is an Accredited member the Tree Guild of Western Australia, your best avenue to find local, qualified and insured Arborists.
You may not realise but a qualified arborist will also have other qualifications. For example, we are Western Powered Qualified and licensed for Low and High Voltage Tree Pruning and removal around power lines.
Why should I hire a qualified arborist for my tree care?
To state the obvious, trees, as well as providing natural beauty to the area, also add substantial value to your property. Good landscaping adds up to 15% to the value of your home and a established tree is a most desirable feature. If the tree is not in good health it will have a negative effect on your house price, regardless of how attractive and well maintained your home is. Potential buyers will factor in the rehabilitation of established trees that can run into many thousands of dollars into any offer they make. Tree maintenance is no different to maintaining the rest of your property and the numbers say it pays to invest in good tree care.
Tree maintenance is also a matter of safety. Well maintained trees are better able to stand up to storm weather conditions that are becoming increasingly common. Tree pruning can be a dangerous business if it isn’t carried out by someone with the correct equipment, qualification and experience. We have qualified Arborists who are also experienced climbers who work on large trees that can not be accessed by our fleet of three Elevated Work Platforms. Every member of the team is qualified in using chainsaws, chippers, stumpginders and all other equipment relating to tree work. That's when you can call yourself a real tree specialist. It is also extremely important to have very high standards when it comes to safety and all work is carried out with safety in mind.
All pruning by our team is done to the Australian Standard for Pruning of amenity trees AS4373. 
A tree can be a beautiful and valuable asset, something that a qualified Arborist understands. For expert tree care in Perth you are more than welcome to contact the team at Williams Tree Pro on 0416 356 359