Stage 1: Asking for a Quote

A reputable arborist will always give a positive response.

Are you insured?

If yes, please show evidence of insurance - Workers Compensation & Public Liability (recommended min. $5 million).

Do you work to the Australian Standard?

If yes, which one? Should be AS4373 - Pruning of Amenity Trees (2007).

What qualifications do you & your staff hold?

  • Compulsory: Must have certificates for chainsaw use and for the pruning of trees near powerlines
  • Recommended: Certificates for other skills and machines e.g. wood chippers and elevated work platforms
  • Arboricultural knowledge e.g. TAFE
  • Certificates and Diplomas in Arboriculture

Will you provide a written quotation?

If no, reject this contractor.

Are you a member of a professional organisation?

Membership does not guarantee work standards but does show a degree of commitment.

Can you provide me with a phone number of a referee who can show me some of your work?

If yes, follow up the lead.

Stage 2: Choosing the Quote that Suits You

When you receive your quotations check they include the following before deciding which one to accept:

  • Reference to AS4373: Pruning of Amenity Trees (2007)
  • Clear and full details of the work to be done
  • What will happen with the debris
  • Whether GST is included
  • Who will be responsible for obtaining permission if the trees are protected by the Heritage Council of W.A. or a local council
  • What steps will be taken to protect you and your property

Additional Competencies

In Australia, there is a voluntary scheme that certifies the competence of arborists through examination and regular reassessment or continuing professional development.

Individual arborists may be certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. The ISA assesses the individual for their knowledge and ability.

Certified arborists will display the adjacent logo. Please check that the arborists certification is current through the ISA Australia website

ISA Arborist Certification ensures that the arborist keeps up-to-date with the latest in tree care practices and is often referred to as the as the 'mark of the professional arborist

Tree Work

Choosing your Arborist

If not done properly it could lead to:

  • Injury to people,
  • Damage to property,
  • Irrevocable damage to your trees that have taken many years to grow

...all through ill-advised and badly executed tree work.

Tree work operations (arboriculture) require a high degree of technical competence, supported by training and experience. For these reasons tree work should only be undertaken by well-trained, competent arborists.

Genuine or not?

An arborist is a specialist in the care and maintenance of urban trees. Anyone can call themselves an arborist (tree surgeon) and place an advert in the Yellow Pages or newspaper and offer a service. An advert alone does not guarantee quality of work or that it will be carried out safely.

Competent arborists will have certificates which show that they have been trained and assessed. They will often have other academic qualifications in arboriculture and will use safety equipment to protect you, your property and themselves. Avoid people who present themselves as a 'lopper' or who offer you 'lopping'. Tree lopping (indiscriminate branch removal) and tree topping (cutting the top out of a tree) are internationally discredited practices because they increase the risk of tree failure.

Tree Arborist Perth

If you are looking for a qualified arborist in Perth, our friendly and professional team of qualified and experienced arborists are more than happy to discuss your needs and we are happy to provide an obligation free quote for the job. Please feel free to call on 0416 356 359 or you can contact us here