Is there a Tree Stump that you've been wanting to remove? The team of professionals at Williams Tree Pro can take care of any tree Stumps, big or small!

Williams Tree Pro provide tree stump removal and stump grinding services for tree stumps of any size. We specialise in both Large Machine and Narrow Access stump removal. We can remove tree stumps after cutting down a tree, or pre-existing tree stumps that are taking up valuable space in your yard. Stumps, as well as roots can be removed, down to 300mm, so a new plant can be potted in the tree location.

Professional Stump Grinding in Perth

Williams Tree Pro specialise in the removal of tree stumps across the Perth region. The experience of our team combined with the latest in tree stump grinding plant and equipment ensures that there is no tree stump – whether big or small – that we can’t completely remove.

If you’re in need of specialist advice on the grinding and removal of tree stumps that are located on your property, simply give us a call and we’ll provide further information and a free quotation.

Pre-Existing Tree Stump Grinding and Tree Stump Removal

If you have at some time in the past attempted to remove a tree (or several) from your property, you probably managed to get as far as removing as much of the tree as possible that was above ground level.

The trouble is that tree roots go deep underground, with larger trees spreading their roots far and wide with deep roots and surface roots. This is why any attempt to remove them without specialist equipment and expertise is usually fruitless and can see you expending a lot of time and energy with no results to show for your hard work.

The best way to remove a tree stump is to grind it into smaller, more manageable pieces which can then be used as wood chipping or carted away. It is the process of stump grinding which is going to see your old and unwanted stumps removed far quicker than any other method – and as an added bonus – this will also include the roots down to a depth of 300mm allowing you to plant a new tree or flowers in the close to location we remove your stump from.

Stumpgrinding in Perth: The Equipment We Use to Facilitate Tree Stump Removal

Williams Tree Pro possess a range of specialist equipment which was specifically designed to effortlessly grind and remove tree stumps. When you hire us to remove your stumps, you are guaranteed to be provided with an operator  who has mastered the safe and effective use of every piece of equipment we carry.

Our Vermeer SC1152 Stump Grinder utilises a super-sized cutting wheel which can grind away even the most stubborn of hardwood tree stumps, with its 110-horsepower engine ensuring that it will never get bogged down and can remove as many stumps as you have on your plot of land.

Digging out Stumps  

Williams tree pro also has a service for digging out stumps roots and all with excavator ready for building shed or new house. Stumps must be dug out and all roots removed to a deep of 500mm before a house pad can be laid, this makes sure you don’t have any problem with voids under your pad at a later date causing cracking in your new houses walls.

Williams Tree Pro: The Best in Perth Stump Grinding and Removal

We have quickly become known for our ability to remove tree stumps in the tightest of locations featuring the narrowest of access. Narrow access stump removal is a strong point of our 25 hrs Stump Humper  with width of 780mm, making it our stump grinding tool of choice if your front or rear garden is difficult to access.

Despite its flexibility, it is still considered to be a large machine which makes it perfectly suited to any environment and any job, big or small.

To make use of our large machine and narrow access stump grinding expertise in Perth, call us today for more information. We are happy to provide you with a no obligation free quote for any stump removal services that you may require.

We are much more than stump grinding and removal specialists. We offer a full range of tree services including:

  • Tree Removal – Whether you are building, renovating or have a tree that needs to be removed on your property, we can look after your tree removal needs.
  • Tree Lopping – There are some instances where tree lopping may be necessary. We are not only qualified for the job, we are also licensed to perform dangerous tree work and to work near power lines.
  • Tree Pruning – Regular tree pruning is an important part of regular tree maintenance. If you have a tree that needs some care then contact us today to book in a time.

If you have any tree needs, we are your local tree specialists with a team of qualified arborists, climbers and are able to handle any project big or small.  

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