Williams Tree Pro don't just focus on tree removal, we also process tree waste, branches and off-cuts to produce natural green mulch that can be used to maintain your garden and keep it healthy all-year round. The benefits of mulch include:

  • It retains moisture in the soil so your garden can stay healthy even in warmer weather. This means that you use less water in your garden, reducing your water costs.
  • It discourages weed growth.
  • It provides the soil with important nutrients needed by your plants.
  • It is low-cost, organic and locally produced.
  • It slowly decomposes and its organic matter provides a rich topsoil. It also helps to loosen compacted or sandy soil.
  • It allows water to easily penetrate the soil.
  • It promotes earthworm development. Earthworm waste are a wonderful fertiliser. They keep soil healthy and rich so they are beneficial to have in your garden.

During the decomposition process, mulch may take away some nitrogen from the soil, so if you have a heavy feeding plant in your garden such as roses or citrus plants, include a small amount of nitrogen-rich material around its base along with the mulch.

Mulch Sales

Contact us for a quote on mulch delivery

  • We use tree mulch (leaf and wood).
  • We can deliver from 3 to 20 cubic metres of mulch (same delievery fee).
  • We recommend mulch for native gardens, saving on water and filling up verges.
  • Mulch is also ideal for drive ways on larger properties.
  • Mulch can also be used to hold the ground together.