Large Tree Trimming - Tree Pruning Project - South Perth

Living in Australia, we have some stunning and amazing trees. Many large trees are in our own front and back yards. This is one of our recent tree pruning projects in South Perth where we were called in for our tree pruning services to trim down a large gum tree in a residential back yard.

Importance of Tree Pruning

In this type of scenario, you will see how dense the tree is. While the tree is healthy it may not pose any immediate threats, but the reality is if this tree is not properly cared for and pruned back, there could end up being property damage or personal injury from falling branches if weather conditions are not ideal or from falling dead branches.

The Tree Pruning Project

Before: This tree has survived our wet and cold winter and is ready to have some work done. This is a great example of the importance of pruning as you can see the growth on this Large Gum tree commonly found in Perth, Western Australia and throughout the country.

tree pruning perth - before

During: This is one of our favourite photos from this project. Being a fully qualified arborist doesn’t only mean being book smarts. We also pride ourselves on safety and climbing skills which we have some great climbers in our team. Tree Pruning - During

It takes years of training to become a qualified arborist and even more time to be experienced enough to take on a large gum tree like this one. As you can see in the photo, we were able to put 2 climbers in the tree at the same time because of the size of the tree. This made the job faster which ultimately saves the customer money.

   Tree Pruning - 2 climbers   

After:  You may not notice major differences between the before and after photos but this tree has had the dangerous lateral branches reduced also crossing branches, deadwood and a reduction on the back side to keep the neighbours happy. If you look closely you will see the difference between the before and after shots from this tree pruning project. You can see how much difference a good prune can make but the tree still looks heathy.


Before Vs After

When pruning back a tree like this, we do not simply cut back branches. There are a number of considerations like removing deadwood, dangerous, crossing and weak branches which will improving the health of the tree for longevity.

If you have been following our blog, you will know that we have shared about the importance of tree trimming and tree pruning. Apart from the practical and safety reasons, a tree like this will have less foliage to clean up during the change of seasons. To find out more about tree pruning, have a look at our tree pruning services page where we provide tree pruning services to Perth and surrounding areas.