Tree Care Winter Checklist for your Home

Trees can provide benefits to your home which you may not be aware of. They play an important role such as buffering strong winds, protecting your property from damage, improve the quality of air and for those with a classic fireplace, the wood can be used for heating and even cooking with conserving the use of electricity. Trees also ensure interception of run of water, reducing cases of soil erosion.

Given their benefits, it is important to ensure your trees are taken care of properly especially in the cold winter seasons.

You can easily get a local tree surgeon or tree arborist who offers tree pruning and trimming services to take care of your trees before the winter seasons. It is a lot more cost effective than repairing property after tree limbs have fallen of in high winds, not to mention the sometimes-unrepairable damage to your beautiful trees, which now has to be pruned anyway.

Here’s a short but important checklist of things to prepare for especially for our Australian winter climate:

Winter Checklist Inforgraphic - Important - Prepare Home for Winter

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is important practice for your trees to help reduce the chance of large limbs falling during winter storms.

With the proper pruning tools and expertise, you can best prepare your trees to withstand winter and be prepared for the upcoming seasons. 

If you do not have the knowledge, equipment or time to do the pruning yourself, you can seek the assistance of a tree pruning service provider for quality results.

Pruning helps in the removal of weak, damaged, dead or diseased branches that cannot survive the harsh winter, also reducing weight and allowing the wind to go through the trees branches. Wind going through trees help prevent disease. Tree trimming before winter can significantly reduce debris.  

Tree trimming also allows for proper healing of the tree when weather conditions become favourable.

Protect your trees from damage

Damage protection during winter seasons is mostly done by removal of dead and weak hazardous branches through pruning and trimming. When trees are properly trimmed, they can withstand heavy rains and wind, which means their branches are less likely to break minimising the occurrence of property damage and personal injury. If you have new planted trees, you can put up a wind break to help them during the winter for proper protection and warmth to ensure they thrive come spring.


Tree bracing helps in tree reinforcement keeping your trees strong. You can support weaker healthy branches using cables. This allows branches to withstand torrential rain and wind providing additional support to stop branches from easily breaking. 

Proper Nutrition

For trees survival during winter seasons, they need food and proper hydration. This implies that you should apply water and fertilizer to your trees before the winter starts. Also, ensure proper mulching for proper root warmth enhancement and moisture conservative when winter comes.

NOTE: In the rare but unique event of snow, avoid shaking the limbs of the trees when trying to remove snow or ice. Shaking a tree with accumulated snow or ice on its limbs can result to damage or breakage of those limbs and branches. In this instance if you’re not sure what to do, we recommend consulting an experienced local tree arborist.

In summary, Prune, Protect, Brace and Nutrition. These are some important actions that you can take to look after your trees, your property and yourselves. Everyone knows someone or has a friend of a friend who has had a tree branch fall on their car or the roof of their house and the headaches of getting things fixed let alone dealing with the insurance after could easily be prevented with some regular maintenance.

If you need some help and are looking for tree pruning services in Perth, tree removal services or anything to do with trees, our team at Williams Tree Pro are more than happy to see if we can help. You can contact us through the website or on the phone 0416 356 359.