A Guide to Specialist Stump Grinding in Perth

In many cases, tree stumps serve as nothing more than eyesores and hazards, and they can attract white ants which can then move into your house. For that reason, professional stump grinding in Perth is a highly sought-after service. Of course, some DIY enthusiasts attempt to dig out and remove stumps which is very hard work and sometimes impossible, but without access to advanced equipment or the required skills to operate safely, these efforts are fruitless.

At Williams Tree Pro, we’ve been stump grinding in Perth for years, and, by using the most advanced machinery available, we can handle any stump removal task no matter how big or small. Keep reading below to learn more about stump grinding, equipment and our services.

stump grinding - our stump grinder at workReasons tree stumps need removing

If you are building a new house or subdividing you may have to dig out the stumps to put your house pad on, we use our excavator to do this to avoid having decomposing material under your new house, we do block clearing from the trees all the way to root raking the site ready for earth works.

Some homeowners attempt to remove stumps using chainsaws, axes and sometimes even a ute to pull the stump out. But this can prove very costly if something was to go wrong and then once stump is out how do you get rid of the stumps? Stump Grinding is the most cost effective way of removing stumps as it turns unwanted stumps in to small wood chips which can be used for garden as mulch, thus avoiding expensive dumping fees.

What’s the best way to remove tree stumps?

Using high-speed cutter wheels with sharp tungsten tipped teeth, stump grinders can remove stumps and roots down 300mm to 450mm. While stump grinders can widely vary in size,  ours  are purpose built for the job with all the safety guards and required power to do the job fast and effectively. Give us a call or keep reading below to learn about the benefits of our specialist equipment

Our Stump Grinding Equipment

Removing stumps can often be challenging due to the size of the tree and the lack of access to it. In these situations, we use our Stump Humper Grinder which is great for narrow access and fits though a 780mm doorway. For larger areas we have the Largest Self Propelled Vermeer stump grinder in its class with 110 horse power motor which is perfect for removing large stumps.. This piece of highly advanced equipment can remove difficult stumps within minutes, though we maintain an extensive selection of tools to meet any stump removal task. Our stump grinder in action:

Find Out More

If you want to learn more about our tree lopping and tree removal services Perth or would like to find out how our fully qualified arborists can assist you, then we welcome you to contact us on 0416 356 359. We offer a highly experienced service, competitive prices and fast turnaround times and you can feel confident that our stump grinding professionals always prioritise safety and efficiency.