WA Tree Climbing Championships 2018

We are proud to be the event organisers and sponsors of the Stihl WA Tree Climbing Championships along with the Tree Guild of WA. This event brings many experienced and keen climbers together to show off their skills and have some fun with boasting rights going to the winner.


 Williams Tree Pro - Sponsor the WA Climbing Championships


The annual WA Tree Climbing Championships is where passionate and qualified arborists come together to showcase and practice their skills and techniques. In any industry, it’s important to keep up to date especially in dangerous conditions. Being an arborist and a tree lopper is not simply climbing and chopping down a tree. There’s many aspects to what we do and in addition to working at heights, we also work close to power lines which makes safety of the utmost importance. 


The competition simulates a typical work climb for the typical arborist on the job with competitors (both male and female) testing the competitors ability to safely maneuver while completing different tasks along the way which simulate work related situations. To put the pressure on as it is a competition, these tasks are also timed. 


There is also an event which is very important for all arborist to practice and that is the aerial rescue. This event with the help of a dummy simulates an accident on the work site wich a climber stuck up in the tree who needs rescuing. In the unlikely event that this would ever happen at work, we know that we have skilled areal rescue staff ready to help. 


These competitive tree climbing championships are also a great way to showcase and introduce what we do as arborists and qualified tree removal service providers to the public to share and educate just some of the skills needed to be a professional and safe operator in the tree service industry. 


We congratulate this years WA Tree Climbing Champion Mr Riki Peterson with an outstanding performance among some tough competition. 


WA Climb Champ Riki Peterson


We also want to throw in a special mention for our very own Thomas Marshell who won the Intermediate Throwline event and represented us well at Williams Tree Pro Services. 


Thomas Marshell representing Williams Tree Pro


Events like these are a great way to have some fun and really promote and advance safe climbing practices. Whether you’re a competitor or a spectator, there’s value for everyone. If you are interested in competing, get in touch to see how to join the competition.


Naturally, if you’re looking for a safe and skilled arborist in Perth, reach out and contact us to see how we can help or get a free quote. 


Until next year, safe climbing!