4 Reasons Why DIY Stump Removal is Not a Good Idea

On the surface, removing an unsightly tree stump from your yard may seem like a simple enough endeavour. This is a common misconception property owners end up having to face the consequences for, and it is the reason arborists and other tree removal experts unanimously agree that it is not a task property owners should be taking on alone.

Before picking up your own landscaping equipment for what may appear to be merely an afternoon’s worth of work, consider these reasons why DIY stump removal is not a good idea.

1. Removing a Stump Properly Requires the Right Equipment

Compared to the similar project of cutting down a tree - which in itself presents a somewhat ominous image - removing a tree stump can be an even more challenging task to complete. Tree professionals have the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully remove a stump, but a property owner simply looking to clean up their lawn will likely realise pretty quickly that they are facing more work than they had initially bargained for.

The equipment necessary for accomplishing stump removal can be intimidating as well. If you are not yourself an arborist, you likely will not have the right equipment lying around, which would mean you would need to rent out the proper equipment. This include landscaping tools such as stump grinders and heavy-duty chainsaws. Unfortunately, an axe, a rope, and a shovel won’t be enough to cut it with this kind of project.

Besides being costly to rent, the equipment commonly used to accomplish stump removal can be dangerous to operate if you do not have prior experience using it.

2. DIY Stump Removal is Dangerous

As mentioned above, going about stump removal on your own can be a dangerous endeavour.

Unfortunately, if you are not acquainted with the proper techniques for completing this task, it would likely be easier to accidently cut off a limb or do other bodily harm than successfully remove the stump.

An experienced operator of these tools, on the other hand, will be highly acquainted with the proper safety measures for accomplishing the task.

3. Stump Removal Can Be Time-Consuming On Your Own

One of the biggest things homeowners overlook when it comes to attempting DIY stump removal is how time-consuming it can be. The time it will take to successfully complete the project only multiplies if you have more than one stump that you are looking to get rid of.

For someone without experience, it could take days to complete. You would also need to factor in the time it would take to find a place to rent the proper equipment, as well as the time it would take to pick it up and return it all afterward.

On the other hand, tree service specialists are able to arrive on your property full-equipped with the right tools to get the job done. Plus, with extensive knowledge on the proper techniques of stump removal, as well as experience operating the equipment, a team of pros can likely get the job done within mere hours.

Having a team of professionals not only saves you money on rental costs, but also any time and energy you would have spent attempting to perform each step of the process on your own.

4. It Can Leave a (Potentially Dangerous) Mess Behind

Needless to say, stump removal is not what you would call a clean-cut process. Without experience in going about it, it can be even messier. After a tree stump has been successfully cleared, there will still be a generous amount of stump debris and wooden shavings left sprawled over in the area.

Professionals experienced in properly removing a stump will be able to clean up this mess in no time with the right equipment and prior knowledge about how to safely clear everything up. While stump debris isn’t necessarily as intimidating as facing a heavy-duty chainsaw, it is still not material that you want lying around your property.

Letting the professionals handle the job saves you the energy of doing it yourself, and they will have the experience to perform it efficiently and in a timely manner.

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